The Benefits of Youth Rowing

Have fun, get or stay fit, and meet some awesome friends who have some of the same interests.   Oh, and maybe earn a Varsity letter at school too!

Youth Rowing offers beginning and advanced rowing for high schoolers, and the DBCC Youth crews have many regional and national wins and awards.  Join us and become part of this great tradition!

The Detroit Boat Club Crew races within the Midwest Rowing Association as one of 80 schools and clubs.   Our team spans the Detroit Metropolitan area, so we have students representing rowing from many schools.  In recent seasons, these included:

Birmingham Groves - Bloomfield Hills - Brownwell Middle School
Detroit Country Day - Grosse Point North - Grosse Pointe South
Parcells Middle School - Pierce Middle School - University of Detroit Jesuit
University Liggett

Several of these schools allow the rowers to earn their Varsity letter in rowing and Detroit Country Day has approved DBCC as a blue point activity. Almost all of our athletes achieve Scholar Athlete status with team grade point averages that are usually in the top 3 of all athletic groups in the schools that we represent.

DBCC is the premiere rowing crew in the State of Michigan, and we're known both nationally and internationally as a competitive force to be reckoned with.  In past seasons, our Youth team has produced:

  • The US National Champions - Women's 2x
  • A member of the US Youth team who finished 6th in FISA World Championships in Racice, Czech Republic
  • Winners of the Women's 2X, Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston
  • Royal Canadian Henley Gold Medal
  • U-17 Mens 4+ and Senior 64kg Mens 4+

Time on the Water Time Well Spent

Our student athletes love rowing because:

  • It allows them to spend time out on the water every day, sharpening their skills
  • Unlike the regional competitions of other sports, our athlete's regularly find themselves traveling to Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Canada and beyond to compete against teams from across the continent and the globe.
  • Rowing is one of the most thorough, all encompassing workouts available, involving all of the major muscle groups. When you hit the showers, you'll feel great!
  • There's a mental toughness developed through the rigorous training.  Our rowers come to embrace and take with them through high school, college and life.
  • Our Rowing team has more placement in the Varsity programs of Division 1 and Ivy League schools than any other sport in the major schools that we represent.
  • Our rowers have attained scholarships and acceptance into significant colleges based on their success developed on the water with the Detroit Boat Club Crew.

Contact Head Coach: Dr. Richard Bell
Phone:  (248) 875-8574 or Email:


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